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Supporting schools in becoming increasingly inclusive at a systems level.

Next Frontier Inclusion is a non-profit, mission-driven association founded in 2009.

Our mission is to support the systems development of inclusive school cultures by building a network of interdependent international schools advocating for learning diversity.

Our Publications

Processes and Tools to Support Data-Driven Decision Making in Learning Support

International School of Bangkok.

Towards Inclusion

Planning our Path: An inclusive Review Protocol (V2 2020 to include ELLs)

Why LS or EAL is the Wrong Question

Serving ELLs with learning issues (American School of The Hague)

Challenge Accepted!

Reframing our approaches to behavior management in international schools (Jakarta Intercultural School)

Embracing Extraordinary

Including Students with Intellectual Disabilities in International Schools (International School of Brussels)

Serve the Need, Not the Label

Highly Able Learners In International Schools (NIST??)