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Supporting schools in becoming increasingly inclusive at a systems level.

The conversation that autumn afternoon in Brussels gave birth to The Next Frontier Inclusion, a non-profit organization devoted to supporting international schools in becoming more inclusive of students with special learning needs.

We wrote a beseeching email to Bob Gross, then the REO for Europe for the Office of Overseas Schools and within forty eight hours had a US State Department pledge of seed money for NFI.

Professional conversations

Professional Conversations

NFI designs these conversations based on incoming data from international schools and also in response to the needs of member schools when planning our program of conversations.

Specialized Conferences & Facilitated Conversations

Schools can ask for help in facilitating conversations on their behalf. This year, we have hosted a facilitated conversation on developing intensive needs programs as well as one to support a school in defining for itself, “What is inclusion?”



Schools write and seek help on specific matters particular to their current needs, e.g. how to prepare for the intake of a wheelchair bound child with cerebral palsy, or where to find resources for a specific program, etc. We turn to the community and ask them to support the school with consultations/ suggestions.

Program Audits: Learning Support Audits

Member schools may ask for reviews of their support programs (Learning Support on its own, or LS and EAL together). NFI takes a systems approach in reviewing what is in place at the school to support neurodiverse and multilingual children and uses published standards from the NFI document, Towards Inclusion. We review the four dimensions of inclusion: Developing Common Meaning and Community Commitment; Designing and Integrating the Program; Building Professional Capacity; and Evaluating and Improving the Program.

Leading the way

Leading the Way

This is NFI’s research strand. A school may ask to learn more about a given topic in the context of international schools and if the topic is generalizable across many international schools, NFI will constitute a global committee consisting of individuals who have expressed a keen interest in the topic; or who have recognized expertise in the area. The committee will also include members of the hosting school.